Social Creativity For Remote Teams

Social Creativity For
Remote Teams

At Remote Pals we use social creativity to strenghten the social bonds of remote teams and to develop agile mindsets on an individual and collective basis.

Most of our formats revolve around storytelling and revel in the joy of the imagination.

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Our Formats / services


Onboarding -
1 x 60 mins

The team creates a story based on the new hire's favourite genre.
The format dynamics are tailored to gentle cooperation and


Team-Bonding Boost
3 x 45 mins

Remote teammates co-create a story together and learn to cooperate in an agile and flexible manner.


Agile Mindset Program 12 x 45 mins

By committing to a longer program, a remote team fosters agile thinking individually and collectively.

Our team of remote Pals

Rory Brosnan

Founder, Host

Aoife Crowley


Sanne Van der Val


Joost Leensvaart

Digital Marketing

Our team of remote Pals

Some Clients of Ours:

Let’s get (Socially) creative

Drop us a line and we’d be happy to explain our service to you in more detail: Via video call or email, whichever works best for you.

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