Hey! Let's Do A Virtual Trust Fall...

(No, Let's Totally Not).

Team-Building For The Remote Era

For remote or distributed teams, think of Remote Pals as a colleague who’s terrible at Excel, never answers Slack messages, and probably deletes every report you’ve ever written without opening them. All we do is show up once a week for half an hour and instigate some fun via Zoom, MS Teams, or the platform of your choice. You want to hate us but you can’t!

Our mission is to instill fun into the new era of remote work. We love AI, bots, software, and code as much as the next automaton person, but they’re a bit short on charisma, right?

We provide a real-life human host, who shows up once a week via a Zoom or Teams, and guides your team through a fun game, workshop, quiz, heart-to-heart discussion, or any of our other myriad formats designed to simply let your people connect for a moment as humans.


We provide a real life human being to facilitate remote events. Energy, social intelligence, and charm included.


A little goes a long way. Most of our events last about 30 minutes. (Our on-boarding events last one hour).


Book us once a week to instill a sense of fun and play into your remote team's culture.


Quizzes, games, storytelling workshops, improv games that train agile skills, surrealist parlour games. And a whole lot more.