Answer the six following questions about Brazil as a team. Agree on the answers. You will all win an equal amount of points for this round. You have eight minutes total until Teams brings you back to group mode. Good luck!

To make keeping track of scores simple, everyone should mark down the answers on their own scoresheet.


In what year did Pele win his first world cup?          (3 points)


There are only two countries in South America that Brazil does not border. One is Ecuador. What is the other?                                  (3 points)


This is former president, Dilma Rousseff. What year did she leave office due to impeachment:

2007, 2011, 2016, or 2019

(3 points)


Who was this?

(3 points)


I am a very famous book. Some say 65 million of me have been sold, others say 150 million. I am a novel but some critics thought me more like a self-help book. My author is still alive today and you could say he is quite good at turning words into gold.

What is my name?                                                            (3 points)


This aparment is for sale right now in Rio de Janieiro. It is 157m2, and has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. What is the asking price (in Euros)?

(5 points for within €50.000, 3 for within €100.000, 1 for within €150.000)