1st Break Out Room Instructions


Goal: As a group you have to create four elements (listed below) of your new fairy tale.

Method: However you choose. You can work as a group from the beginning or work on the elements individually before comparing ideas. Or any other method you choose.

Please create these four elements of your new fairytale:

  1.  The Ally
    A character present at the start and the end of the story but not the middle.  It’s often a parent or grandparent, but doesn’t have to be. The Hero usually  starts out trying to help the Ally. Red Riding Hood has two allies – Mother and Grandmother. Give your Ally one interesting physical characteristic and one interesting psychological characteristic.

  2. A Quest or Journey: At the start of your story, the Hero sets out on a journey or quest. What is it? (It can be quite simple. In Jack & The Beanstalk, Jack sets out to go to market and sell the beans.

  3. The Evil Baddie! This character will try to destroy the main character in the middle of the story. Decide if it is supernatural (like a witch or ogre) or human, but it should definitely be more powerful than your main character. Give your evil baddie one interesting physical and one interesting psychological characteristic.

  4. Magical Animal Helper:
    Decide on which animal will help your main character and what it’s magic power is. A magic power can be anything you like so feel free to get creative! 

    Don’t worry about having everything perfect. Just focus on making fun choices.

2nd Break Out Room Instructions

As a group, develop the plot for the story and have it teach the moral that you have already decided on.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, and most fairy tales have inconsistencies in them anyway. Just have fun.

The plot consists of: The Beginning, The Middle, and The End.

You are free to use or change any ideas already generated or create new ones. One of you will need to write down the plot.

a) The Beginning 
Our Hero sets out on a journey or decides to try achieve something.
In Little Red Riding Hood, she simply has to deliver wine and cake to her grandmother. It can be as simple as this or it can be more ambitious, but don’t spend too long over thinking this. Just decide on a simple quest and move on!

b) The Middle
This is where all the action happens! This is the longest part of the story. You are free to do whatever you like here, but if you need a structure the following works:

3 Beats Of Action:
– 1st Beat – The hero meets the Evil Baddie who prevents the hero from completing their quest or puts the hero in danger.
– 2nd Beat – The hero tries again to defeat the Baddie but fails (perhaps worse than the first time)
– 3rd Beat – The hero finally figures out how to defeat the Baddie.

Hint: Don’t forget there is a Magic Animal who can help the hero at any point.

c) The End – in which they all live happily ever after. But how?