Frequently Asked Questions / Topics

How many people can participate?

Up to about 20 is ideal, though we’re happy to go a few over that number. 

For much larger groups we encourage you to break it up into a couple of sessions, or else chat with us to see how we can meet your needs.

How Long Do Sessions Last?

60 minutes. 

Social Dynamics

We tailor everything to the social dynamics of the group involved. 

Before we run a session with your team, we’ll ask you about the specific social dynamics of your team, and about specific social outcomes you’d like to achieve.

Agile Skills

Of our three format types, agile games stem from our background in improvisational theatre.

The games played foster skills such as creativity, active listening, having a flexible mindset, collaboration, and more.

How many sessions do I have to book at a time?

There is no minimum commitment. In terms of scheduling, it makes it easier to book at least a few at a time, but that is at your discretion.

Time Zones

Time zones are not an issue for us. 

Storytelling Workshops

Our storytelling workshops are always collaborative in nature – after learning about the building blocks of a certain genre, participants will then work in small teams to generate story elements.

The stories are always fictional. There will be no confessional stories here!

Interactive Quizzes

For larger, one-off “party” type events we can run interactive quizzes. 

Many of our early bookings were such quizzes as this was all that people were aware of in the space.

We’ve since progressed quite a bit, but if what you want is a fun, remote get-together then we can do a bespoke quiz for you.

What if a team member can't make a session?

No big deal, they simply miss it and attend the next week.

Our sessions are not meant to feel like an obligation, and can absorb occasional absences without compromising the team-building dynamic.