Founder / Host

University College Cork (BA English & Spanish) / University of Southern California (MFA Film& TV Production)



Trinity College Dublin (BA Psychology) /
Durham University (MSc Behavioural Sciences)


Digital Operations

Universeit van Amsterdam (BSc Business Administration)



Utrecht University (BA Linguistics)


Rory Brosnan started Remote Pals in 2020 in the early days of the pandemic, but our roots stretch back quite a while and stem from a love of storytelling and personal expression. Rory is a graduate of USC School of Cinematic Arts and worked in the film business in LA for a number of years for the likes of Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. In 2006 he took a class in theatrical improvisation and stumbled into a new passion, one that added performance and personal expression to an already established love of stories.

For the previous decade Rory worked as a corporate facilitator using the tenets of improvisation to help change corporate cultures into more agile and nimble workplaces.

Right before the pandemic, Rory had developed a fun team-building format called Culture Games Amsterdam, aimed at multinational companies in Amsterdam with largely expat workforces. An early client canceled the conference they booked us for and asked Rory if he could deliver the format remotely, which was quite fortuitous as shortly the pandemic was to begin.

During the early days of the pandemic, Rory brought on Eimear as his first co-host and they worked together to rebrand as Remote Pals and to expand our offering into, very broadly, activities that could both connect remote colleagues online as well as offering them a way to develop some personal skill, often soften skills.

Since then Ronald has joined us a host and Anouk runs our digital operations.

Clients include Patagonia, AG World Hotels, Mobiquity, Tilburg University, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Heineken, and Meatless Farm.