1) Quickly say hello to each other, especially if you don’t know each other well!

2) Answer the six following questions about Austria as a team. This means you must agree on the answers and all have the same answers.

3) To make keeping track of answers simple, everyone should note the answers on their own score-sheet.

4) You have 8 minutes! You may or may not have time to answer all the questions.


Who is considered to be the founder of psychoanalysis?         (3 points)


Which of the following countries shares a border with Austria:  (3 points)

France, Ukraine, Serbia, Czech Republic


Who is this?

(3 points)


Who was this?

(3 points)


Oh no! The internet and all communications are down for the day. You have a super important Excel spreadsheet that you need to get from RHI Vienna to Rotterdam (The Netherlands). It’s SOOOOO important!

You decide to drive the spreadsheet there in person. According to Google Maps how long, to the nearest hour, will it take?  (And no looking at Google Maps!)

(5 points for correct answer, 3 points for one hour out, 1 point for two hours out).


I was a famous scientist from the 1800s. I was famous for my work with peas. However, I was also a monk and left no children to inherit my braininess. Who was I?

(5 points)